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Thank you for your continued efforts to support to save local journalism and spread awareness for the Save Local Journalism Act! We hope this e-toolkit will provide you with the necessary information and resources to share the message about the urgent need to support local journalism.

The e-toolkit includes:

  • Copy Ready ADS
    • Print
    • Digital
    • :30 Video
    • Sample Op-Ed

Copy Ready Ads

The Save Local Journalism ads are copy ready (both digital & print) and fine to run as they are, but we encourage you to personalize the ads for your communities with photos that highlight events that might better resonate with your readers. Please consider publishing the editorial linked below. Finally, we also encourage the use of ongoing digital ads with a click-through to the CNPA landing page

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Contact us

If you have any question or comments regarding the Save Local Journalism Act, please feel free to contact Brittney Barsotti (916-288-6006).