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Add your name to the growing list of civil rights, social justice, and community-based organizations to save local newspapers!

Join a growing list of community organizations to save local and ethnic community newspapers. Newspapers work on the front lines to report on issues of importance to our communities, particularly the most vulnerable. They have been instrumental in raising awareness about issues such as criminal justice issues, anti-immigrant policies, civil rights violations, social and economic inequality, and other critical issues to middle and working class families in our state.

But the information and watchdog efforts of newspapers are at risk.  The news industry is operating under increasing financial pressure; most newspapers have downsized their operations and dozens of newspapers in our communities have closed their doors. And with the COVID-19 crisis, many large businesses have been putting their advertising on hold – a development that is delivering a crippling blow to California news outlets.

Local and ethnic newspapers need your help to keep reporters on the job and continue to raise public awareness about critical issues facing the state. The Latino Media Collaborative, Ethnic Media Services, California Black Media, and California News Publishers Association are asking for your organization to support The Save Local Journalism Act of 2020, which will stabilize and preserve the state’s news outlets.

The Save Local Journalism Act:

  • Provides financial assistance to distressed California news organizations that have incurred losses during the pandemic,
  • Prioritizes local news outlets for the placement of state agency public outreach advertisements,
  • Grants an ongoing exemption from the law (AB 5) to allow newspaper carriers to be classified as independent contractors, not employees,
  • Incentivizes subscribers and advertisers to continue their financial support of the news industry through tax deductions, and
  • Exempts California news outlets from paying sales tax until the economy recovers from the crisis.

Add your name and organization in support of the Save Local Journalism Act: