Assemblymember  Marc Berman’sAB 2811 which would further restrict auto renewal programs in California made it through the Assembly this week and is on to the Senate. AB 2811 would require a company to provide notice to a subscriber at least 3 days to 35 days before the expiration of a promotional offer or free trial period. It would also require a business that makes an electronic free trial or promotional rate offer to a subscriber to include a link in the notice that directs the consumer to the cancellation process. 

CNPA is opposed to the bill along with the Magazine Publishers Association, and many tech companies including Google, Facebook and Amazon. 

While an exemption for news publications would be preferred, CNPA has been working with the author’s office to address concerns about the bill being unduly restrictive.  

The bill originally required the business to provide a link or button on its web page that allows a consumer to terminate the automatic renewal or continuous service exclusively online and “without engaging any further steps that impact or restrict the consumer’s ability to terminate the automatic renewal or continuous service immediately.”  

CNPA will continue to work to get an exemption for news organizations or a version that is as least restrictive for the industry as possible.