The Assembly Public Safety Committee on Wednesday at 2:00, will hear a measure that would expand the types of police actions that are subject to the CPRA to include every use of force incident (not just that which causes great bodily injury), allegations of sexual assault, sustained findings of wrongful arrests and searches, as well as incidents involving prejudice or discrimination on the basis of specified protected classes. 

SB 776 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) would also require every person employed as a peace officer to immediately report all uses of force by the officer to the officer’s department or agency. 

Additionally, the bill would also impose a $1,000 civil fine per day for each day beyond 30 days that records subject to disclosure are not disclosed and would entitle a requester who successfully sues for the release of records to obtain damages equal to twice the requester’s reasonable costs and attorney’s fees. 

CNPA supports SB 776.