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Legislative Alert: Inform lawmakers of your support for news carrier exemption amendment

Legislative Alert: Inform lawmakers of your support for news carrier exemption amendment

Dear CNPA Member:
We need your help.
The biggest legislative challenge we face in 2021 is protecting the independent contractor status of our carriers. We want to see if we can put an end to the year-after-year intrigue that has characterized the effort to convince lawmakers that our profession needs a long-range solution for print distribution of our newspapers.
To that end, CNPA has been working with the labor community and Assembly Labor Committee Chair Ash Kalra on an exemption from AB 5 that would protect the status of newspaper carriers as independent contractors. The exemption would also help save local journalism in dozens of communities across the state.
As we near the end of the Spring legislative season, we are hoping to gain support for an exemption amendment to Assembly Bill (AB) 1561 that would resolve the newspaper carrier issue once and for all. Your voice in favor of the amendment is crucial to the outcome.
I am writing, therefore, to ask you to get in touch with your legislators to let them know that your publication supports this solution. Attached are sample lettersemails and talking points that you can use to help guide your contacts.
If you have questions or need any additional information or material, please contact Diana Dang at KP Public Affairs, (916) 833-2449. Please also let us know when you make contact and copy us on your correspondence.
Thanks in advance for your assistance in this critically important program.
Charles Ford Champion II
President & CEO