A bill that would allow law enforcement agencies to post on their websites or social media public notices of petitions to euthanize seized birds and animals is scheduled to be heard on May 19 in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. The bill, AB 3035 By Assembly member Jim Patterson (R-Fresno), is sponsored by the California State Sheriff’s Association. The sheriffs claim the need for the bill is based on the fact that a newspaper charged $9,000 to publish the notice. They argue that local agencies strapped for revenue cannot afford to pay this cost.

Existing law requires an officer who makes an arrest relating to dogfighting or animal abuse to lawfully take possession of the animals. If ownership of the seized animals or birds cannot be determined after reasonable efforts, the officer is authorized, after holding the animals or birds for a period of not less than 10 days, to petition a court for permission to euthanize the animals or birds. The petition is required to be published in a newspaper of general circulation. If AB 3035 becomes law, the petition would be allowed to be posted online.

CNPA opposes the legislation.