Following a vote by Active members of the association, the name of CNPA is hereby changed to California News Publishers Association.

CNPA-Logo-For-Surveys The vote, which included members who voted on an online polling site, was 25 for and seven against. All of those voting in person at the May 18 annual business meeting were in favor of the change.

The name change originated in a proposal to the CNPA Marketing Committee that was introduced at the Feb. 16 CNPA Board of Directors meeting. Jeff Glasser, Los Angeles Times, at that time told fellow directors that the name change would be an incremental but positive change that reflects the reality of what many news companies are doing.

There was a motion to recommend that the CNPA membership vote on the name change and amend the bylaws to reflect that change. Director Bill Brehm Jr. (Auburn Journal) made the motion, which was seconded by President-Elect Bill Johnson (Palo Alto Weekly). The board approved the motion unanimously.

Notice was emailed in early April to Active members of the association to inform them of the pending vote. The online voting opened May 10 and closed May 17.