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To protect and serve the common interests of its newsmedia members, to help members inform and thereby strengthen their communities, and to foster the highest ideals, ethics and traditions of journalism, a free press and the news profession.

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Notice of proposal for bylaw amendments

Notice of proposal for bylaw amendments

The CNPA Board of Directors at its Oct. 24 Quarterly Meeting will consider a proposal to change the bylaws that, if approved by the board, would be presented to the Active Members in January along with the annual election of CNPA officers and directors.

As currently drafted, the amendments would do the following:

  1. Allow Digital News Media members to participate fully in CNPA, including by allowing them to vote and serve on the Board of Directors;
  2. Create a new membership category for magazines;
  3. Eliminate mandated quotas for daily and weekly newspaper representation on the Board of Directors;
  4. Increase the maximum size of the board from 25 to 30, with the exact number to be fixed annually by resolution of the board;
  5. Allow, but not require, the President to be elected to serve one additional one-year term;
  6. Replace the Nominating Committee with the Board Development Committee; and
  7. Make technical changes necessary to achieve the above objectives and to use non-gendered terminology.

If approved by the CNPA Board, the bylaw changes will be presented to a digital and live vote by Active members of the association at the Annual Business Meeting on Jan. 28, 2020.

Questions? Please contact General Counsel Jim Ewert at (916) 288-6013 or Executive Director Tom Newton, (916) 288-6015.