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Patiently seeking the right buyers

Patiently seeking the right buyers

In which it is documented how the townspeople of Idyllwild stepped up with membership support, and it came to pass that the Town Crier’s owners sought the next stewards for a still-going community concern.

Becky And Jack Clark
Becky and Jack Clark

The Desert Sun went up the hill to cover the story.

As for potential buyers, Co-Publisher Jack Clark told the daily, “If they’re not going to run it like a real newspaper, if they’re going to turn it into an advertiser or something like that, then we’re not selling it to them.”

Also, the noted design consultant Ron Reason visited Idyllwild and saw huge merit in a small-town tale (Poynter).

He also got Jack to define newspaper: “A newspaper is a community watchdog that publishes the bad with the good. It warns of danger, advises of opportunity, challenges authority, praises accomplishment, investigates irregularity, marvels at art, celebrates lives and publishes its readers’ letters. If a publication doesn’t do all of these things, it may be something else, but it’s not a newspaper.”