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Please help us to honor a top executive

Please help us to honor a top executive

A message from Tim Gallagher, chair of the California Press Foundation’s Justus F. Craemer Newspaper Executive of the Year Award Committee.

Dear publishers and friends of CNPA:

I know you care.

Tim Gallagher
Tim Gallagher

I know you care about celebrating great publishers who somehow manage to not just survive, but flourish and innovate during very tough times for our industry. If you care, I want to ask you to nominate someone for the annual Justus F. Craemer Newspaper Executive of the Year Award.

The award recognizes the achievement of colleagues who have influence and impact on our industry, on their community and how they have represented our profession as a result of their journalistic effort.

I’ll be honest with you in saying that over the past few years, we have had few nominations. I get it. You’re busy. Most of your colleagues are just trying to survive.

But I know and you know that there are executives out there who are making a difference, who are trying new ways of fulfilling their mission. It is time to recognize them.

The 2018 recipient was Erik Cushman, publisher of Monterey County Weekly. Cal Press has issued this award since 1967. View all past winners and nomination criteria.

To nominate, email me a suggested name, a sentence or two about the person you’re recommending, and a suggestion of someone to contact who knows the nominee and would be able to provide a more detailed nomination letter. The deadline for nominations is Sept. 1.

The award will be presented during Cal Press’ 141st Annual Winter Meeting, Dec. 6-7 in San Francisco.

Tim Gallagher is a former editor and publisher of the Ventura County Star. He writes the “Business of News” column for Editor & Publisher. Gallagher also is president of The 20/20 Network, a public relations consultancy.