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  • Family Winemakers Of California Announces San Francisco Tasting Event
    by Kathy Spallas on July 18, 2017 at 4:20 am

    San Francisco,California (PR MediaRelease) July 17, 2017 - Family Winemakers of California, an association of family-owned wineries in California, is proud to announce the 2017 date for its San Francisco tasting. The post Family Winemakers Of California Announces San Francisco Tasting Event […]

  • Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band’s Big Week: Billboard, PBS, Album Release Shows
    by Katharine Richardson on June 7, 2017 at 1:08 am

    Berkeley,California (PR MediaRelease) June 6, 2017 - Bay Area musicians Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band have numerous reasons to celebrate in their hometown this week. Their new album, Baby Let’s Take the Long Way Home, debuted on Billboard’s Bluegrass chart. The post Nell […]

  • CNPA Better Newspapers Contest Winners Announced
    by Joe Wirt on May 20, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Santa Monica,California (PR MediaRelease) May 20, 2017 – Winners of the 2016 CNPA Better Newspapers Contest were announced today to conclude the CNPA Press Summit in Santa Monica. Entrants submitted content that had been published in 2016. The Better Newspapers Contest drew 2,668 entries in […]

  • Editor Greenson, Attorney Boylan receive CNPA Freedom of Information Awards
    by Joe Wirt on May 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Santa Monica,California (PR MediaRelease) May 20, 2017 - The 2017 CNPA Freedom of Information Award was presented today to two winners who worked together to achieve a significant victory for public access to police records: Thadeus Greenson, editor of the North Coast Journal in Arcata, and Paul […]

  • Johnson installed as president of statewide news association
    by Joe Wirt on May 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Santa Monica,California (PR MediaRelease) May 18, 2017 - Members of the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA), meeting at the organization’s annual summit at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, today elected Palo Alto Weekly Publisher William S. “Bill” Johnson as […]

PR Media Release’s mission

To provide PR and communications pros a continually better way to get the word out through:

  1. Superior multi-media messaging platforms
  2. Expansive distribution and the powerful credibility driven by state press association leadership and awareness
  3. Value-pricing driven by the reality of today’s affordable technology

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State press associations

Throughout the U.S., state press associations have long served and represented the interests of their respective state’s news organizations. For those news outlets serving the smallest towns to those serving the largest metros, state press associations are the lead member-association serving the collective needs of its member news publishers.

For the thousands upon thousands of news organizations and outlets nationwide, their own state press association is relied upon to be the news-industry resource for vital services and programs. These include continual advocacy and watchdogging of free press principles and the public’s access to their government. Other important services & programs include training & development, statewide advertising networks, and awards/recognition for news personnel. And press associations are relied upon by their member news organizations, to serve as the authoritative voice for a news business that uniquely matters to our democracy – both in print and on-line.

Press association boards of directors for each state are comprised of elected news publishers and editors representing cross-sections of the association’s membership. They empower the association’s continual safeguarding of a free press, principles of open government, and the public’s right-to-know as an advocate of our First Amendment liberties.

PressFuture LLC

This is the joint and collaborative initiative of multiple state press associations to collectively provide press release clients a uniquely powerful press release creation and distribution platform “Powered by the Press;”

While news distribution is available for all 50 states, twenty-four (24) states are on board for the launch, providing customers the additional power and day-to-day accuracy of their own state-press association news distribution lists.

Every PR MediaRelease state is committed to providing a superior solution for organizations needing to “get the word out.” Whether for PR agency pros, state trade associations, government commissions and agencies, issue-advocacy groups, charitable non-profits, or educational institutions, PR MediaRelease is the common-sense solution.

The superior release platform provides our customers a seamless process for easily building an online release that serves two purposes:

  1. A release format beautifully highlighting the release’s text message plus any/all multi-media assets of the story – all provided in an editor-friendly dash-board format. This format has been carefully designed with the input of member news editors to also make their multi-platform, multi-tasking efforts highly efficient and helpful as they consider various uses of the release.
  2. A distribution model providing:
    • Unmatched depth, breadth and accuracy to news outlets:
        • For example, local, regional, and statewide; reaching all news platforms, such as print, digital, broadcast
    • Direct posting to the leading search engines
    • Permanent housing and searchability on the PR MediaRelease website

Additionally, PR Media Release’s state press associations provide complimentary advertising networking services. Low-cost news-network solutions are available for further awareness of promotional messages. Each state association is staffed to help you plan the placement of such ads – all with the simplicity of one-contact, one order, one bill, one check planning and placement for any combination of states.