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Special thanks to the 40 CNPA Members and friends who attended our webinar Thursday on data collected in the Pulse Research COVID-19 Impact Shopping Survey. 

The nationwide survey asked 26,000-plus subjects about their shopping plans in the next 90 days. 

Presenter Sammy Papert is principal of Wormhole LLC, a CNPA Allied Member. He also represents Pulse Research and has graciously shared his presentation materials. 

Click for links to:

User Guide
CA COVID-19 data
Papert’s slide deck

Also, Papert has shared this link to free Pulse Sales Tools

And finally, he has provided a link to samples of materials for those who would promote the survey OR get their own sample.

Hud Englehart, a CNPA consultant, was the webinar host, and has shared the recording with us here:

Watch your email for details on our next webinar.