Sonoma West Publishers enlists support via direct public offer

Sonoma West Publishers, which produces four community newspapers in Sonoma County, has received state approval to to raise $400,000 through a yearlong direct public offer, Sonoma West Times & News reports.

It’s a share opportunity, not a donation, Publisher Rollie Atkinson said.

“Our structure allows us to pay a 3 percent dividend to investors, which is a little better than banks right now,” Atkinson said. “But, believers in independent journalism will support us from their hearts, not as an addition to their portfolios.”

“Just like city hall, or the high school, or the local Legion post or the chamber of commerce, most people can’t imagine a town without its own newspaper,” Atkinson said. “We agree and we want to provide an opportunity for everyone to support its sustainability.”

In addition to Sonoma West Times & News, the company produces the Cloverdale Reveille, Healdsburg Tribune and Windsor Times.

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