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‘Using a New Technology to Drive Advertising Sales in a Pandemic’

‘Using a New Technology to Drive Advertising Sales in a Pandemic’

How can your advertising department adjust to businesses putting a hold on advertising and the challenge of selling during this period of social isolation?

Your publication has an audience that’s the envy of most organizations. So, how do you best leverage these print and digital assets, along with a little cutting-edge technology, to drive more ad revenue?

Bob McInnis, who has been building lead-generation programs for years, will show how you can lure prospective advertisers into revealing themselves, identify what stage of the buying process they’re in, send the kind of communications that would move them further along, and notify the appropriate ad rep when the prospect is ready to talk-all automatically.

You’ll learn entirely new techniques to grow ad revenue that can be implemented by publishers and ad directors with large dailies or small weeklies, essentially creating an entirely new revenue stream without adding to your sales staff’s burden.

These techniques can also be used to help your current and prospective advertisers sell more of their own products and services.

Presenter Bob McInnis is a 30-year veteran of the business side of the newspaper industry. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1984, he got a job as a newspaper ad rep at his hometown’s weekly newspaper group.

He eventually served as ad director there and at a larger group of 10 community newspapers before being hired by 750,000 circulation Newsday/New York Newsday as major accounts supervisor and training manager.

In 1993, he launched a consulting practice and has spent the years since working with community newspapers and newspaper associations throughout the world. While the variety of products have evolved over the years to include digital, the motivations behind why local businesses buy advertising has not, making the integration of paid digital-and even selling against social media-seamless.

“Using a New Technology to Drive Advertising Sales in a Pandemic”
11 a.m.-Noon PST, next Thursday, April 16
Presenter: Bob McInnis
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