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Want compensation data? Join survey

Want compensation data? Join survey

Newspapers are in a new phase of human resources restructuring. The emphasis no longer is on shrinking headcount — though layoffs are continuing at some organizations — but on assembling a workplace ready to produce, market and monetize products that consumers want.

The Inland Press Association’s Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey (NICS) can be instrumental in making these strategic employment decisions.

Newspapers want to husband their resources closely during this period, but they also risk a talent drain if they offer compensation packages that are not competitive with similarly situated news organizations.

With its extensive data on pay and compensation for more than 100 newspaper-specific positions, NICS allows you to know exactly how your pay and benefits compare to your peers.

Participate this year so NICS can help inform your compensation and benefits decisions.

The 2018 early bird deadline for NICS is April 2, with a final deadline of May 2. There is a nominal fee to participate. For details and forms, go here, or contact Karla Zander, Inland’s manager of Research and Member Services, at (847) 795-0380.