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Want more classified insights?

Want more classified insights?

You might have missed Janet DeGeorge’s “Classified Rescue” webinar hosted by Online Media Campus and offered FREE June 6 thanks to the California Press Foundation. To view the archive for free, email and ask for the CNPA-Member archive code.

Want even more classified insights? DeGeorge has asked us to inform you of a webinar she’s doing for the National Newspaper Association: “Best Classified Webinar Ever: All My Classified Secrets Revealed: The TOP TEN Classified Revenue builders you can do RIGHT NOW to close the year on budget!”


The webinar, at Noon Pacific next Thursday, Aug. 15, is $40 if your company does not belong to NNA; $30 if it does.

DeGeorge first started her newspaper career at the San Jose Mercury News over 20 years ago. She is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in advertising and marketing and has completed all course work toward a master’s of science in mass communications.

DeGeorge is a former vice president of the Western Classified Advertising Association, a key speaker at regional and national advertising conferences and has produced numerous articles and webinars regarding classified advertising. DeGeorge has been president of Classified Executive Training & Consulting since 2001. She specializes in classified sales training for sales reps and new managers, outbound sales training and the redesigns of print and online products and rate packages to uncover new revenue sources.

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