With no buyer, Eastern Group closes

Eastern Group Publications, which produced six bilingual weeklies in Los Angeles County, closed following production of last week’s issues, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The company, whose publications included the Eastside Sun, Montebello Comet, Vernon Sun, Northeast Sun, Bell Gardens Sun and Commerce Comet, had been for sale since last August.

Dolores Sanchez and a group of local business people had acquired the group in 1979. She was editor and her late husband Jonathan oversaw business and production. Three generations of Sanchez family members have had roles in its operation since.

“The death of the Eastside papers has been particularly painful because they cover a largely Latino area that residents say other media organizations typically ignore,” The Times article said. “Eastern Group was a longtime, vital cultural institution on the Eastside, covering the little stories that built the fabric of a bustling immigrant community.”

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