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‘Working the Sales Funnel’

You are likely familiar with the Sales Funnel. But have you broken down each step of the process to understand what message and media placement have the greatest impact on an advertising campaign.

In this session, we will cover the basics of the Funnel before digging into the best ad placement and message to guide customers through their decision journey.

Following this session, you will better understand the role that your newspaper plays in the process and how to incorporate “new” and “old” media into a cohesive ad campaign.

Presenter Korena Keys, founder of Key Media Solutions, is best known for developing her own unique approach to media strategy and digital marketing. This quickly earned her the business and respect of companies across the United States and Canada. In just eight short years, Keys has successfully taken her digital media firm to the front lines in an over saturated industry. Keys has served as the president of the board for South Dakota Advertising Federation, chair of the board for the Community Outreach, held a seat on city council, and is active in multiple community organizations that are dedicated to helping others.

“Working the Sales Funnel”
11 a.m.-Noon Pacific, Thursday, Feb. 28
Presenter: Korena Keys, Key Media Solutions
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