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‘Writing Proposals: Unfortunately, Miss Loffbomb Was Right’

‘Writing Proposals: Unfortunately, Miss Loffbomb Was Right’

8:30 a.m. Pacific next Thursday, May 25
$15 for CNPA members

Many of us entered sales thinking we wouldn’t have to write much or well. But if you want big money, nothing could be further from the truth.

This webinar explores the elements of great proposals that make closing easier-and it’ll warn of the dangers of F7. Known for his highly entertaining presentations, Mark Levy will cover:

  • “How Long Has This Been Goin’ On? (Thank you Ace!)
  • It’s “Elementary.”
  • Key phrases that lift you up-and what key phrases to use when you know the person sitting across from you is wrong

There’s a whole lot more in this webinar-all guaranteeing you’ll go away better prepared to write a better proposal!

Presenter Mark D. Levy, president of Revenue Development Resources, has more than 32 years of expertise in growing revenue, relationships and skillsets for business owners, managers, and sales teams. He is a frequent presenter at such media associations as RAB, NAB, NAB Leadership, Small Market Television Exchange, International IDEABANK, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters and Broadcast Education Association conferences. He has also presented internationally in Barbados, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Guatemala, South Africa and Trinidad. He also serves as the the Sales Expert for the Maine Association of Broadcasters while continuing to serve as the Resident Sales Expert for the NABEF’s Media Sales Institute at Florida A&M.

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